Water Meter
- Electricity Meter

Like in most countries every house or condominium has its own electricty meter. and water meter. Costs for the meter is approx. 100 Baht per month.

If you dont pay your bills they come and cut off your utilities.


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How much to pay for Water and Electricity ?


1. Electricity in Thailand

In Thailand utilities like electricity and water are quite cheap per unit, but if you use a lot, the price per unit increases to more than double.


Electricity Normal Rate (Residential) Energy Charge (per kWh)
  Baht US$
Consumption not exceeding 150 kWh per month    
First 5 kWh (0 – 5th) 0 0
Next 10 kWh (6th – 15th) 1.8632 0.06
Next 10 kWh (16th – 25th) 2.5026 0.08
Next 10 kWh (26th – 35th) 2.7549 0.09
Next 65 kWh (36th – 100th) 3.1381 0.10
Next 50 kWh (101st – 150th) 3.2315 0.11
Next 250 kWh (151st – 400th) 3.7362 0.12
Over 400 kWh (401st – up)



If you use a modern aircondition every night in your bedroom, it will cost approx. 1,000 Baht per month. So in a small house with computer, TV, fridge etc. your bill incl. one aircon every night will be approx. 2,000 Baht.

In big houses with more use of aircons the monthly bill can go easily up to 6,000 Baht and more.

Medium aircon : 18.000 BTU (approx. 5 KW)

Please note:
- that the rates for business are different.
- that some guest houses and condominiums charge their own prices


2. Water in Thailand (Chonburi / Pattaya)

Water Volume Used Water rate (per cubic meter)
(cubic meters) (minimum 50 baht/ 1.66US$)
  Baht US$
0-10 10.20 0.34


21-30 19.00 0.63
31-50 21.20 0.71
51-80 21.30 0.71
81-100 21.50 0.72

If you live in a small house (2 people) your water bill will be around 200 Baht (wthout watering garden etc.) In a bigger house your monthly bill could go up to more than 1,000 Baht and more.

Please note, that all rates are for residential properties. Rates for business are higher.

Last updated : Feb 11th, 2013



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