Currency Exchange in Thailand – Cash Money

Thailand cash currency exchange

Thailand cash currency exchange

Changing Foreign Currency to Thai Baht

Changing foreign currency to Thai Currency is possible nearly everwhere, but people did experience recently, that exchange rates at the Airport are not really good.

Thai Cash Money ExchangeSo it seems to be better to change cash money in Bangkok downtown, Pattaya or somewhere else.

Thai Cash Money Exchange

Thai Money

Sometimes small money changers offer better rates than banks. But, of course, not always….

Changing Baht to Foreign Currency

You might experience, that it is sometimes quite difficult to change your Thai Cash money to foreign currency. At the International Airport normally it is not a problem, at least if it is not a large amount of money.

But in other locations banks often publish exchange rates for selling foreign currency, but they sometimes refuse to sell.

The solution : Go to small private money exchange offices. You will have no problems to convert your Thai money to USD, Euros or other important currencies. And often the exchange rate is better as well.

Further on with these private money changers it is often no problem as well, to change large amounts of money, but it might be useful if you tell them one day in advance, so that they can get the required amount. Rates are often slightly negotiable on big amounts.

In Pattaya there are several offices like that. Ask in your Hotel or ask your Real Estate Agent.