Citing the presence of booming casinos in neighboring countries now some people want to allow casinos in Thailand. This is a proposal of  a small group of members of the National Reform Council (NRC). Pattaya stands as a possible site for a casino at the top.

This proposal in itself is nothing new and was proposed some years ago by the former Thaksin government Chinnawat. However, the proposal was rejected by  a strong domestic opposition.

Now the members rely on significant economic benefits if casinos are approved in Thailand. The entertainment and casino facilities could be considered as a new attraction for Thailand and increase visitor numbers and tourism revenue considerably.

So far, there are, according to the members of the NRC, 22 casinos in neighboring countries. For this, the plans over the next three to four years to come to build more casinos in the border areas with Thailand.

In countries like Cambodia, these casinos are like magnets to the people, said Mr Arnun Watcharothai, a spokesman for the group. Reportedly 80 percent of the players there come from Thailand.

At this stage, the group proposes the Chonburi province as a location for a casino. Here, of course, Pattaya would be the right place to attract players from Thailand and around the world.

Critics of casinos argue that Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and the government therefore should not legalize casinos. Gambling is a sin, they say.

Casinos would, however, definetly boost the property market at the Eastern Seabord.