23.5.2015 Bangkok – Pattaya High Speed Train


A High Speed Train will boost the Pattaya Property Market again :

In 2018 you will most likely be able to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya in a little more than
half an hour’s time in the comfort of a high speed train.
There is no doubt that the Bangkok­Pattaya rapid railway line will have a tremendous effect
on the future growth of Pattaya. Land prices and condominium prices will increase
dramatically long before the railway is completed. Over the past decade Pattaya has enjoyed
strong growth and the condominium prices have increased slowly. It is certain that the new
fast railway connection to Bangkok will change the whole region significantly over the next
10 years.

This new fast railway will actually make it possible to live in Pattaya and commute to work in
Bangkok and vice versa. Visiting Bangkok will become a hassle free affair. No more spending
hours stuck in traffic, no more worrying about driving after having had a few drinks. Being
able to commute to work is an enormous advantage because it means you don’t have to
uproot your family.

In other words, the distance between Pattaya and Bangkok will appear to be reduced
significantly in the future and eventually the two cities will merge into one.
There will be stations in Chonburi, Pattaya and Rayong. It remains to be seen whether
Chachoengsao and Sriracha will also get a station.
The train will be able to run at a speed of 250 km/h.