Private Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool in Thailand - Expenses

Private Swimming Pools

Construction of a private Swimming Pool in Thailand costs from 400.000 Baht up to 1 Million Baht, depending on the quality on the size of the swimming pool.

An Infinity Swimming Pool in a good quality, i.e. 12 x 5 meters should not cost more than 550.000 Baht. This price does not include a Jacuzzi, which would cost another 50.000 Baht.

Maintenance of a Swimming Pool :

There are many companies around offering a maintenance service, which costs something from 1.200 Baht up to around 2.000 Baht per month. This price normally includes a service 3 times a week and all needed chemicals.

Salt Water Swimming Pool

Salt water Swimming Pools have become more popular during the last few years. It is not like salt water in the sea, but less or no chemicals ….and some people say…better for health.