Property Insurance for Houses and Condos in Thailand

Property insurance in Thailand

Property Insurance Thailand

You can choose NOT to insure your house or your condo, but after paying a large sum of money for your new home, it does not really make sense not to spend a few thousand baht more and get some security just in case something goes wrong….

You do not need to insure the land and you do not need to insure the market value, but instead the value for full replacement costs. A house valued at 8 Million Baht may not cost 8 Million Baht to rebuild.

To give just an indication : A house with 150 square meters living space should cost not more than 4 Million Baht to recover.

Most insurances in Thailand cover different risks in one policy.

Just as a typical example :



Coverage in Thai Baht

Fire, explosion, lightning, windstorm, earthquake,
water, damage by vehicle or aircraft
Damage to electronic appliances300,000
Temporary Rental max. 90 days150,000
Fire extinguishing expense150,000
Repair of building (Damage by burglary)75,000
Personal Liability max.1,000,000

Premium for one year


Plese note, that this is just a typical example, NOT AN OFFER.

There are many insurance companies available. Your Real Estate Agent should be able to give you a good advice.

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