Property Maintenance

Maintenance Fees in Condos and Villages in Pattaya

Maintenance Fees Pattaya

Maintenance fees have to be paid for Condos and Houses in a Village (Gated Community) to cover the costs for security, garbage, cleaning, common areas, swimming pool, repairs etc.


Maintenance Fee in a Condo

Maintenance fee in a Condo in Pattaya is from 12 Baht up to 60 Baht per Square Meter and per month.

In buildings with a lot of units the maintenance fees are normally lower (per unit) compared with buildings with less units.

However often in buildings with a low maintenance fee there is not enough money to keep the building in a nice condition.


Maintenance Fee in Villages

Maintenance Fees in Villages in and around Pattaya are sometimes charged as a fee per house but in other villages as a fee per Square Meter Land.

The fees are from around 500 Baht up to 6,000 Baht per month, depending on the quality of the village and the service provided, i.e. communal swimming pool, club house etc.


Maintenance Fees – What is not covered ?

The maintenance fees are paid for maintenance of common areas but this fees do not cover anything inside your property. So they are other expenses to consider, see our section about expenses.