What you should know about buying property in Thailand

Buying a property abroad is not always easy, because the laws and rules are different from those in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Unlike in Europe, a purchase contract is not concluded by a notary. A normal contract is the form in Thailand and is legally valid.

Bank Financing

Bank financing in Thailand for foreigners is de facto impossible, with very few exceptions. although banks are often courteous in responding to enquiries and politely accepting a loan application, the response after 4 or 6 weeks is always the same: Rejected. Exceptions are sometimes made for foreigners who have had a permanent job and work permit in Thailand for several years.

In addition, a corresponding monthly income on a Thai account must be proven.

Thais can obtain a real estate loan more easily, but they also have to prove a fixed monthly income by working in Thailand. Here, too, the income must be proven with bank statements. Furthermore, the activity should already have existed for several years. Income from abroad is not recognised even for Thai nationals.

Purchase from a property developer

Property developers usually sell their projects during the construction period or even before construction begins. A down payment of varying amounts is due when the contract is signed. Further payments are then made during the construction period and a final payment on handing over the keys.

If you decide to buy from a developer, the project and the developer must be chosen very carefully, because there is usually no security for the payments made. If the developer becomes insolvent, the payments made on account are often lost for the buyer.

Appropriate advice from a good estate agent is strongly recommended.

Purchase of a condominium

Buying a condominium in Pattaya or Thailand is the easiest option, because foreigners can also own condominiums in their own name. However, only 49% of the flats may be sold to foreigners.

Purchase of houses and land

Buying a house in PattayaIn Thailand, foreigners are not allowed to own land in their own name. There are only a few exceptions, e.g. if you invest at least about 1 million Euros in a Thai company. Then you are allowed to own up to 1,600 sqm of land.


But there are many ways to circumvent the legal regulations: For example, it is possible to acquire land in the name of a Thai person and to secure one’s own claims by means of a lease and / or loan contract, which is entered in the land register.

Many foreigners also own houses in the name of a Thai Company Ltd, similar to a limited liability company. This is easier than it sounds. Many houses are already sold with a company, so that one does not have to form a company oneself.

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Who should you contact?

Before you make a purchase decision, you should always seek expert advice. In Pattaya there are some companies with German advisors who can answer your questions completely and can also inform you about corresponding risks.

We highly recommend to contact us for any questions. The author of this website is Tommi Jaspers. He is German national and speaking also fluently English and Thai. He has nearly 40 years experience in the Real Estate Industry and out of that 40 years nearly 20 years in Pattaya, Thailand.

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