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Foreign Currency Exchange in Thailand – Cash Money

Currency Exchange in Thailand – Cash Money Changing Foreign Currency to Thai Baht Changing foreign currency to Thai Currency is possible nearly everwhere, but people did experience recently, that exchange rates at the Airport are not really good. Thai Cash…

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Bank Accounts in Thailand for foreigners

Thailand Bank Accounts for Foreigners Thai Baht Bank Account Foreigners can open a Thai Baht bank account in Thailand regardless they are residents or not. However for Non Residents the balance should not exceed 300 Million Baht. The bank account…

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International Money Transfer to Thailand and to abroad

International Money Transfer Sending Money to Thailand Wiring money to a bank account in Thailand is easy and not restricted. There are no limitiations at all. However please check the bank account regulations. If you want to buy a Condo…

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Personal Income Tax in Thailand

Personal Income Tax in Thailand Who must pay taxes in Thailand ? There is a difference for Residents and Non-Residents. A Resident is a person who stays in one calendar year more than 180 days in Thailand. A Resident must…

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