Hot Deals and Urgent Sales in Pattaya

Urgent Sales in Pattaya

Looking for a Hot Deal or an Urgent Sale in Pattaya or Jomtien area ?

Not often, but sometimes we have customers who need to sell their properties as soon as possible and agree to sell it  much under market value.

Normally the reason is that they need money and so often a condition is, that the buyer is able to pay a 10 % deposit immediately and can pay the balance on the transfer within one or two weeks or at least within one month.

Then the investor can either use the property by himself, rent it out, or sell it with a good profit. As there is no capital gains tax in Thailand such deals can be very attractive for people who have cash money available.

We gather a list of possible investors. We call or email them, when such a property becomes available.

If you are interested to get noted on such urgent sales, please register and answer the questions in the form, of course without any obligation :