Need to renovate – Remodel or Refurbish your Property ?

condo complete refurbished

You have bought a used house or a condo and now you want to renovate or rebuild it? Or your property is a bit outdated and should be upgraded and beautified by a renovation.

new basthroom after refurbishing condo pattaya

Renovation : new bathroom


For more than 15 years we have been advising our customers in the field of conversions and/or renovations and preparing corresponding offers if your property is located in the Pattaya and Jomtien area. Outside of this area – we ask for your understanding – we unfortunately cannot take over such work.

No matter if you “only” need a new bathroom or if you prefer to have everything rebuilt or renovated: We will be happy to make you a fixed price offer.

You will receive a detailed list with all trades and services included in the offer. And you can rely on the completion dates we quote.

Condo Renovation in Pattaya

new build in kitchen

house in Pattaya with new fitted kitchen

We have more than 15 years experience in building houses in Pattaya, Jomtien and Bangsaray.
Conversion Renovation of a condominium in Pattaya

Fitted kitchens : We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer for a new fitted kitchen. We can also convert old kitchens according to your wishes.

We also can deliver furniture made by order in first class quality.

Feel-good atmosphere : After conversion or renovation, you will feel much more comfortable in your home.

refurbished condo in pattaya

refurbished condo in pattaya

Video surveillance :

We can also arrange for the installation of a video surveillance system, with which you can monitor your property 24 hours a day from Europe via the Internet.
Interior decoration :

If you wish, we can also take over the interior decoration according to your ideas and specifications.


Refurbish your home or condo and trust our experience.

Contact us and arrange a free consultation.


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