International Money Transfer

International Money transfer Thailand

International Money Transfer

Sending Money to Thailand

Wiring money to a bank account in Thailand is easy and not restricted. There are no limitiations at all. However please check the bank account regulations.

If you want to buy a Condo in Thailand do not wire Thai Currency, only wire foreign currency. Why ? Answer is on our Condo-Section.


Bringing Cash Money into Thailand

There are no restrictions to bring cash money into Thailand. That is valid for Thai Baht and foreign currency. However bringing cash money with a value of more than 20,000 USD into the country must be declared at the border.

If you have a receipt, that you brought cash money into the country, it will be easy in the future
to take it out of the country again.


Sending Money from Thailand to abroad

According to the regulations you can send in one time up to 20,000 USD to a bank account in another country. However the banks handle that different. Should you experience problems at one bank just try it with another bank. Recommended : Kassikorn Bank.

If your money is in a foreign currency account, i.e. USD, you can send that money to your own bank accounts in abroad or for obligations of your subsidairies.

However please note, that you cannot transfer money from a Thai Baht bank account into your foreign currency account.

Further you can send money without any restrictions to abroad, if you have brought it into the country and can proof that.


Taking Cash money to abroad

If you take cash money with a value of more than 20,000 USD out of the country, you have to declare it at the custom.

On Thai Currency the amount is limited to 50,000 Baht only. Travelling to Thailand’s bordering countries including Vietnam it is allowed to take up to 500,000 Baht.