Land Office in Pattaya - Property Transfer

Land office in Pattaya

Land Office in Pattaya

At Pattaya Land office

At Pattaya Land office

Land Office Pattaya
Registration and transfer of property title deeds

Off Thepprasit Road
Soi 8

Telephone :
038 423 160 or 038 423 161

Opening hours :
Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

Lunch break is from 12 to 1 pm.

You do not need and you can not make appointments for registrations or transfers of property title deeds.

If you have all documents needed, than normally a transfer does not take more than 3 hours. So, not like in many other countries, a property transfer can be finished wihin half a day.

At the Land office

If you are the first time at Pattaya Land Office, everything will look a little bit confusing to you. It will be much easier to go there with an experienced lawyer. He will be able to save you a lot of time.

For assistance of the transfer a lawyer charges 8,000 to 18,000 Baht including a complete check of all documents. A good lawyer can prepare everything at the land office and when you come everything is prepared and you just have to sign and you will be finished within 30 minutes.

Here is a location map of the Land office in Pattaya