The traffic strategist at City Hall have a new idea to get the  traffic chaos in Pattaya caused by tour busses finally under control: The construction of a new direct connection from Sukhumvit Road to Bali Hai Port – the main destination of most coaches – to ensure that the heavy vehicles will no longer have to drive through the city in order to reach the port , from where so popular tours of the Isle Larn start.

Even Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh admits that the current situation is hardly sustainable and urgently needs a solution … especially apparent that the number of mostly Chinese tour groups who are traveling by bus in the seaside resort, will increase dramatically in the coming years ,

Already, Central Road, Second Road and Third Road blocked completely by the  ascended number of bus tours.

Meanwhile there is a parking area near the City Hall, but aside from the fact that the situation is anything but cheap, the place can accommodate at only a fraction of the daily  buses to Pattaya.

The Pattaya Business & Tourism Association (PBTA) supports the plan to bypass, which should lead to the port directly to the planned “mammoth parking lot” at Bali Hai, which is supposed to begin operations later this year.

“We hope that the plans for the construction of the new ring road will swiftly go ahead, so that we will soon have something in their hands in order to improve the situation.

But it is not clear when such a bypass could be finished.